Dark Crystal Cleaner


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Dark Crystal Cleaner is a cleaning product so safe, yet so powerful. By simply soaking the surface in the solution it removes stubborn stains and rinses free leaving no toxic residue. A truly natural alternative. We like that.

Clear is not like alcohol-based cleaners. It will not work if it is cold. Below are some directions to help get the best use out of your bottle of Clear. Remember, you can heat and cool our solution as many times as you like. The heating and cooling process will not break down, or hinder the performance of the solution.

Soaking Directions:
*Pour Clear directly into affected item. Make sure to seal any holes to prevent leakage.
*To speed up soak time significantly place your effected piece that is now full of Clear solution into a bowl or tub of warm water.
*Leave item soaking until the surface is free of oil. Or begin scrubbing with a pipe cleaner or q-tip. In some cases, agitation is necessary after soaking.
*Shake affected piece when full of solution to break down thicker hard to reach oil if necessary.
*Pour cleaner out of affected piece and immediately rinse and shake with hot/warm water to remove any resin left behind. Repeat this process a few times if necessary until all broken down residue is removed.
*Some thicker carbon build-up from high heat may need to be rubbed with a cotton q-tip or pipe cleaner.
Microwave Heating Directions:
*Pour contents into a glass dish and heat on high in a microwave for 1 to 2 minutes or until warm. Be careful it could be hot!
*Drop affected pieces into the now warm bath of solution and watch it work instantly.
*While wearing the proper hand protection to avoid scalding. Pour the now warm solution directly into your affected piece and use it as a warm rinsing agent.
*Letting it soak while warm will shorten soaking times greatly for those in a rush.

Health and Safety Benefits:
*Completely Non-Toxic Unscented
*No Skin Irritants
*No short or long term health risk
*Safe to mix with other chemicals
*Non-regulated ingredients
*Food surface safe
*No concern of cross-contamination.
*Safe for use children, pets and plants.

Eco Benefits:
*Emulsifies oil molecules reducing biological oxygen demand
*Will not harm the ozone layer
*No phosphates
*Ingredients derived from renewable resources Safe for use around plants (and pets and family)
*Readily biodegradable.
*A truly 100% Non Carcinogenic green product.

What makes our product stand out from the rest:
*Doesn’t break down no matter how dirty it gets. 100% reusable
*Does not Expire sitting on a shelf as long as the bottle is sealed.
*The very first Ecigg Tank and Coil/Atomizer cleaner on the market.
*Removes resins left from peeled stickers.
*Removes grease vapour deposited on hood range’s.
*Breaks down oil stains on stone countertops.
*Can be used as a drain cleaner to dissolve cooking fats/grease plugging kitchen drains.
*Can be used as shampoo, or hand soap.
*By far the most versatile specialty cleaner on the market.