Gear Premium Cleaner


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Gear Premium Cleaner is a powerful shaking cleaner, able to easily defeat tough resin and tar stains. This perfected formula with coarse scrubbing crystals will clean any smoking device or accessory from bong to grinder to ashtray.  

How to use:

  • Test cleaner on a small section, this product may discolour or damage some materials, if no damage proceed with cleaning. 
  • For larger items such as bongs and rigs, pour the cleaner directly into the pipe. 
  • Place your smaller items in a plastic bag, fill the bag with cleaner, enough to completely cover your items. 
  • Seal the bag, soaking the items until they have come clean, shake if need be. 
  • Discard solution, rinse item and hands. 
  • For heavier staining, soak item longer.