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The Shatterizer handheld concentrate vapourizer is one of the best among all the rest, easy to use, clean and designed in Canada. The Shatterizer is engineered to give a truly smooth experience, releasing the fullest flavour, through a borosilicate glass top piece. Equipt with standard 2 quartz dual coils and magnetic silicone lined wax storage container, ceramic coils are also available. 

Your Shatterizer will come fully assembled including:

1 Shatterizer Atomizer: resin cover mouthpiece, borosilicate glass and Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) and cap and one additional QDC coil

1 Shatterizer Lithium-Ion battery: 3 Stage Variable Voltage

1 Magnetic Silicone Lined Wax Storage Container

1 Micro USB Cord with Pass-Thru technology

1 Dab tool 

Battery life is an impressive 40+ Hours with a 3 stage variable voltage lithium-ion battery with 110 mAh. Charging finishes within 3 hours and lasts for over 70 hits at the highest temperature. 

The 15-second continuous heat capabilities allow for long deep inhalations. 

3 Temperature Settings:

RED is the lowest temperature setting 
= 3.5 V = 16 Watt

BLUE is the medium temperature setting 
= 3.8 V = 19 Watt

WHITE is the highest temperature setting 
= 4.2 V = 23.5 Watt